wow. it's been a while

i haven't posted in forever. a lot has happened since my last post. jj and i went on vacation. it was a lot more fun that i thought it would be. i even caught a fish. wuhoo! the biggest thing that is on my mind today though is dear Mrs. Roberts. you know, the godly woman with altzheimer's? she had been doing really bad the past couple weeks. she just started to shut down. she couldn't eat very well. she couldn't respond except to yes or no questions and even those were hard. everyday i would stare at her chest to make sure it was still moving because i was afraid she would forget to breathe. on friday they took her to the hospital. after we got her all loaded up and ready to go, i left to go home. i cried the whole way, knowing that this was it. i went to see her a couple times and then yesterday they called me to let me know that she had passed away. i didn't really cry about it until jj came home and hugged me. even then i didn't really cry as much as i feel like i need to. i've had a small lump in my throat though. i'm more sad for her sweet husband. he was such a loving and committed husband. there were several times the last week that he would leave the room and the next time i saw him his eyes were puffy and red. this is such a cliche' thing, but i know she's a lot happier now. a couple weeks ago, she kept asking how much longer she would have to be like this. she even told her daughter that she was dying. she was suffering severely and was just ready to go home to be with her Lord. this is one of those times that i have absolutely no doubt that she is with Jesus. i'm happy for her. but of course the selfish side of me misses her. please pray for her husband and her family and me as we mourn the loss of a wonderful woman.