holy crap!

so in the past few weeks, 4 of mine and jj's good friends (3 of which were in our wedding) have revealed that they're pregnant. it's freaking me out. i am being super careful about the birth control, let me tell you. i am very excited for all of them.

in other good news, another two good friends have been looking for jobs for at least 6 months. they have both found one in the past month.

this is a month of blessings i guess.

the past couple days have been pretty crazy for me. not because they've been busy, because they haven't. it's actually because i've been stuck at home all day long by myself w/o my car (it's in the shop getting the squeaky ball joints replaced, praise God!). the nice thing about is that i've just been super lazy for once and have done almost nothing productive... okay, absolutely nothing productive. it's good to have those days once in a while. today i have to make up for it though and clean this house.

it hasn't all been that wonderful though. yesterday i was followed around by this giant, freaky-looking creepy crawler in my house. i've never been so freaked out by a bug before. in fact, bugs usually don't bother me at all. if they're in the way, i'll scoop them up with a piece of paper or something and take them outside to let them free. i eat bugs when it suits the occasion. when i was younger i would play with them. when i found out that the crickets with the stick coming out their butt are females and the stick is how they lay their eggs, i just had to find out what would happen if i broke the stick off. all that to say, i'm not afraid of bugs. yesterday was a different story. i found a 2 inch spider looking thing on my wall. i thought it was a spider at first, but when i got close to it, it jumped out towards me. i screamed like a little girl. then i noticed that the front legs were actually antennae and the body looked like a cricket/flea. i was terrified of this bug. it followed me around the house too. if i got up from the couch, it followed. if i went to the chair, it followed. i tried several times to trap it with a cup, but every time i got close it jumped towards me and i screamed bloody murder and jumped onto the couch. i finally decided to find out what it was. when i started searching on the internet, the bug started freaking out and jumping towards and around me and the internet stopped working. i dropped the computer on the floor and ran across the house and jumped into my bed. i finally worked up the courage to get my computer again and took it to the bed. i looked for quite a while and finally came across this.

it's called a camel cricket or a cave cricket. they are harmless. i wish i had known that about 5 hours earlier. wikipedia said this about them: Given their limited vision, cave crickets will often jump towards any perceived threat in an attempt to frighten it away. (you better believe it!) Their large hind legs allow them to jump high and far. Their long legs have caused them to be more commonly referred to as "sprickets" or "spickets", a blending of "spiders" (whose legs they resemble) and "crickets".

so, i have a spricket in my house. there is a much smaller one in the bathroom too. it's not quite as intimidating. that's what i dealt with yesterday. and I'M going to be a missionary? God's going to have so much fun with me someday.

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